Growing into a Coach-Based Leader

When I managed teams at Google and Trimble, I had a wonderful advantage that I was very grateful to have.

Because I transitioned from an individual contributor into a manager, I understood the work that my team performed.

I gave guidance, advice, and answers to my teams’ questions because I had experience to draw upon.

But then something happened.

The challenges, technology, and business grew more sophisticated. And I began to struggle as a mentor-based manager as my team sailed into "uncharted waters."

I needed to grow and FIND A better WAY TO support my team.

I enrolled in a coach-training program (iPEC) because, as I understood it, a coach was able to help people derive their own answers. Instead of being the source of information for the team, I could help them tap into their own wisdom and intuition to create solutions. Not so that I could work less and be more hands off (though I certainly felt much more balance), but because that’s the way I did it. I had a lot of autonomy and relied quite a bit on my own insights to grow as an individual contributor. So I wanted my team to experience the same level of empowerment, enthusiasm, and performance.

I evolved from “mentoring” my team into “coaching” my team.

And I was blown away by the results. My conversations with others became so much deeper. I was able to strengthen my relationships and create space for others to be more authentic, more empowered, and more energized. They started to see their work, their place, and their world in a whole new way.

But I didn’t stop there…

I brought these same techniques and energy to others in my organization. And this is where my leadership really expanded. So much so that I created a new role as a leadership development coach and partnered with an entire division to raise their energy using the Energy Leadership process.

You have the exact same power and potential within you.

You can apply a few fundamental techniques to completely uplevel your relationship with your team, peers, and leaders. Best of all, the benefits of Energy Leadership spill over into home life as well. And this is where the magic of leading a more balanced life really shines.

So ask yourself…:

What would leading a more balanced life be like?

Tommy Acierno