How Energy Leadership Works

When you break it all down and get to the base of everything, there is simply energy.

And there are traits to energy that form the foundation of everything we experience in this Universe. Energy vibrates at different frequencies and, depending on the frequency, you get a certain result.

Lower frequencies create, what is called, catabolic energy.

Higher frequencies create, what is called, anabolic energy.

And here’s how you tell them apart.

Imagine that you’re constructing a building. A big one. Like a skyscraper.

Energy Leadership.png

It takes thousands of hours and a remarkable amount of resources, skills, expertise, and vision. Raw materials are expertly crafted to create all the components which culminate in the final structure. The energy behind this process is very anabolic in nature.

Anabolic energy is expansive, creative, cooperative, and growth-oriented.

It takes time to unveil the final product but it’s exciting to watch the journey of the building unfold.

Now, imagine this skyscraper has been around for 120 years and it’s time to tear it down. So you load up your old skyscraper with explosives and bring the whole thing down. This is catabolic energy. The process is chaotic, messy, destructive, damaging, and it crashes down in a fraction of the time it took to put it up in the first place.

See the difference?

Our thoughts are energy, too.

Science confirms this.

And, just like any energy, there’s a vibration or “quality” to thoughts. When you have thoughts that resonate with conflict, for example, they often create an emotional response of anger, which then becomes an action. And that action is often some kind of defiance.

That particular sequence of thought, emotion, and action create catabolic energy. An easy way to remember it is that it’s cannibalistic. It consumes, constricts, and often harms ourselves and others.

Now, one thing to get clear from the start is that catabolic energy isn’t “bad.” It simply IS. Welcome to being human where we experience both catabolic and anabolic energy. It’s normal. But is it necessary? Not as much as we might think.

You see, Energy Leadership is about understanding the energetic spectrum of thoughts, emotions, and actions and then consciously choosing which energy works best for you in any given situation.

So let’s look at a more anabolic example. Let’s say that when you encounter a challenge, you don’t actually see it as a problem. You see it as an opportunity. You know that observing this so called “obstacle” in front of you from different perspectives helps you better understand exactly what you’re seeing — with little judgment or even without taking it personally. Perhaps you even see how by engaging with this opportunity, not only does it benefit you, but it benefits others involved as well. It’s a win/win.

Notice how you feel after reading that? You can sense how that has a higher level of energy. There’s a quality with that “win/win” perspective that’s more open, expansive, and growth-oriented.

And this is the fundamental transformative tool that I use with all of my clients.

Through the process of deep and powerful coaching, we uncover what thoughts are creating catabolic experiences and then question how necessary it is to have that experience. And if it’s not necessary, we find new perspectives to see the same situation (perhaps with a win/win perspective) which creates new emotions and a totally different set of results.

So ask yourself…

What would life be like with less catabolic energy and more anabolic energy?

Tommy Acierno