"New" and "Old" Depends on YOU


This weekend, we had a neighborhood-wide Garage Sale. Watching my kids, I was reminded of these kinds of organized garage sales when I was a kid – the excitement of riding throughout the neighborhood with a pocket full of crumpled dollars and high hopes of finding a gem amongst the busy cul-de-sacs.

It's funny how someone's OLD thing can become someone else's NEW thing – and how that newness brings a shot of JOY and EXCITEMENT.

During coaching sessions, we talk a lot about perspective. So, notice how "old" and "new" are dependent on the OBSERVER (i.e. you).

We all have the ability to view life with the same kind of newness as often as we like. By being open to the awe and excitement of every day, every hour, every moment, we can find more new energy. If this sounds like fun, take a few moments this week to wonder...

What's something NEW that I can find in the OLD familiar areas of my life?

Tommy Acierno