Go from Grrrr to Grateful in 60 Seconds

Anger, frustration, confusion, overwhelm, pissed off, furious...as you read these emotions, there's a good chance that you feel them somewhere in your body. It's no wonder that, when we feel emotions like these, we want to move past them as soon as possible. They're uncomfortable, unsettling, or sometimes even painful! 

So, how can you process these emotions when they're happening in a healthy way and also move through the discomfort that they can create?

I found a 60 second technique that does both!

I call it, Emotional Clearing and Gratitude Sprint. All you need is something to write on and a timer. I like to use Google Keep and the countdown timer that's part of my phone's clock app. Use what works best for you and what's easily accessible.

Here's how it works:

  1. Write the words "EMOTIONAL CLEARING" at the top of your note.
  2. Leave yourself plenty of room, and then write the word "GRATITUDE" lower down your note. I like to write them in upper case to emphasize the intention of each area.
  3. Start a timer for 30 seconds, and then label as many negative emotions that you are feeling under the "EMOTIONAL CLEARING" area. This will likely be an uncomfortable experience, and that's why setting a timer is helpful. You only need to stretch yourself to be uncomfortable for 30 seconds, which I know you're capable of doing.
  4. After the 30 seconds are up, switch gears, reset the timer for another 30 seconds, and then write as many things that you're grateful for under the GRATEFUL area as possible. This is a sprint, so invite your words to flow through you quickly. 
  5. When you're done writing, pause, and simply notice how your energy has shifted. Since you may be feeling more grateful, you may also wish to thank those negative emotions which helped you shiftinto a higher level of energy. 

After you have your lists, you're welcome to keep them any way you wish. For me, I like to delete them as a gesture of letting go of those moments of both discomfort and contentment. I've found that this helps bring me back to the moment, nice and centered.

Pro Tip: If 30 seconds doesn't feel like enough time, feel free to continue writing longer at either step. I recommend that you stop writing, however, when you go more than 4-5 seconds between words (which reminds me of listening between popcorn pops to know when it's done ;-).

I hope you experiment with the Emotional Clearing and Gratitude Sprint technique, and that it brings you as much harmony and increased energy as it's brought me.



Tommy AciernoComment