We're all connected

2009-11-11 14.17.49.jpg

Coming out of Father's Day weekend, I'm reminded of our powerful connection to friends and family. 

While saying "Thank you" to my wife and kids for the cards and fun activities they gave me, I realized that, it takes my wife and kids for me to be a father!

We are not an island. 

It's through the help, support, and sheer existence of others that brings us to where we are today and where we're going in the future. And when we recognize that connection, we can be grateful for the help we've received, but also, to know that we can ask for more support in the future – it's been given so kindly to us in the past!

We're all connected and it's in our nature to support each other. 

So take in the abundance of connection, use it to free your highest potential, and spread the wealth by helping others do the same thing.

Tommy Acierno