Tap into your Higher Potential to grow today

As part of my coaching experience through iPEC, I work with certain "foundational principles," which open us up to inspiration, truth, and growth. One of my favorite foundational principles is, "We each have a Higher coach." This means that, when I'm coaching, I have the ability to tap into a fully realized version of myself who is a master coach. And I can let this energy empower my listening, my questions, and my engagement.

I'm also a student of Taekwondo. And during my last practice, I had a jarring realization that, if I have a Higher Coach while coaching, why can't I have a Higher Grand Master Blackbelt while practicing Taekwondo? What happened once I had this realization? My focus deepened, my kicks were crisper and more accurate, and my endurance lengthened. Simply by asking my Higher Grand Master to shine through.

So what does that mean?

All things have higher versions of themselves - and that's an energy that we can all tap into right now!

Think of a match - the kind with the wooden handle, the bulbous red head, and the white little tip on top. Inside that match is a flame, it just hasn't manifested yet. Everything that the match needs to create the flame is already there. In physics, this is called "potential energy." And when that flame finally manifests through the conscious application of force and friction, it's more like reuniting with an old friend rather than something brand new, out of the blue.

You have untapped potential energy inside of you, too. You may even be familiar with the concept of a Higher Self. But that concept is too vague to be very useful, in my opinion. If you want to tap into your higher potential, you need to articulate what that is, and access it in the context of what you're doing.

If you want to grow as a parent, tap into your Higher Father or Mother.

If you want to grow as a business leader, tap into your Higher CEO.

If you want to grow as a spiritual person, tap into your Higher Sage, Guru, Saint, etc...

And to tap into this energy, ask yourself these questions:

  • What's an area of your life that I want to grow?
  • What's the highest possible version of myself in that area?
  • What does it look like, smell like, sound like, feel like, act like, or, heck, even taste like to be that version of myself?

And when you experiment with this idea by asking yourself these questions, believe that you can tap into that energy at any time and any place, and then watch yourself transform into the flame you've always had inside.

Tommy Acierno