I'm Tempted to Ignore These Feelings


I woke up this morning and jumped into my morning routine. Part of that routine includes 10 minutes of guided meditation. I scrolled through several videos on YouTube when I found one on positive affirmations. That sounded like a winner to me, so I went for it. Afterwards, I was feeling light and positive.

I continued to get ready and then took the boys to school. When I got back home, that's when I saw today's news

New feelings emerged for me – ones that are often considered negative. Feeling "light" and "positive" melted away for me.

It can be tempting to ignore, cover up, or try to move past these kinds of feelings as quickly as possible – I know because I was tempted. But, today, I invite you to sit with these feelings just a tad longer. When we accept and truly feel our feelings, that's the beginning of learning, healing, and, eventually, wisdom.

When you're ready to process your emotions and move forward, one way to shift and bring positive energy back into your life is gratitude. And, if you're interested, I'll share a tool that's been very effective for me. 

Emotional Clearing and Gratitude Sprint

You'll need a timer and something to write on. 

Set the timer for 30 seconds and write down everything that you're feeling – stick to one-two words per line. This is tough. This is not pleasant. That's why we do it for 30 seconds because I'm confident that you have the strength to complete this emotional clearing sprint.

When the timer goes off, reset it, and begin another 30 seconds. 

This time, write down (one-two words per line) things that you're grateful for.

If you think that you can spend more time on either of these sections (the gratitude or the emotional clearing), I suggest doing so until there are about three-four seconds between your ideas – just like the three-four seconds between pops when cooking popcorn ;-)

In time, we'll have the opportunity to reflect on what happened in Las Vegas and not only acknowledge the tragedy but explore the wisdom and learning, too. Observing the Universe teaches us that destruction is often the catalyst for new beginnings – just like some pine cones that can only release seeds after a forest fire.

Accessing that wisdom comes in time. For now, feel and breathe...perhaps write, and express gratitude where you can. 

I'm grateful for the time you spent reading this.

Tommy AciernoComment