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The techniques [Tommy] taught me for handling stress and maintaining balance were not limited to the workplace, and in just three short months of meeting with Tommy, I saw improvement in every aspect of life. In a corporate environment where every investment has to be justified, Tommy was able to prove the unquantifiable value of employee well-being through his skilled coaching. Tommy is one-of-a-kind...


My name is Tommy.

After 12 years working and leading teams at companies like Google and Trimble, I created a unique private coaching practice focused on helping successful professionals experience deep fulfillment with their career, relationships, and spirituality.

Before coaching, however, I was a people manager. I was quite effective because I drew on my experience to mentor and guide my team. No one on my team did work that I hadn’t already done at some point. I was a mentor-based manager.

Over time, however, my team (and their tasks) became more sophisticated. And my effectiveness grew thin as I had less experience to draw upon. So when I discovered “coaching” as a way to empower my team to derive their own answers (instead of being the guy with all the answers), developing coaching skills was an obvious next step for me.

It worked…and then some!

Using the Energy Leadership™ approach, my team (and other co-workers that I coached) increased their levels of consciousness, which unlocked more energy, self-mastery, balance, creativity, communication, productivity, and, of course, fulfillment! Both at work and while engaging with life outside of work.

My new approach to leadership inspired me to create a role as an internal Leadership Development Coach, which evolved once more into creating a private coaching practice. In addition, my passion and understanding of coach-based leadership opened a new opportunity to become a Lead Trainer for iPEC; helping to grow the next generation of professional coaches.

I experienced the magic of deep coaching with remarkable individuals. I saw people unlock their potential in front of my eyes by asking powerful questions and believing in them with all of my heart. And, to my surprise, I unlocked my true calling: to enrich the world by unlocking the greatness of others… And then watching, in awe, at the fulfillment that comes from releasing this greatness.

Growing into a coach-based leader completely changed my world and my ability to not only positively influence others but to influence myself towards greater levels of fulfillment, self-mastery, and self-transcendence. Which is why my focus is to unlock the greatness of other successful leaders. So that they experience their career, relationships, and spirituality with a deep level of fulfillment by using simple wisdom and connecting with powerful living.

I live in the great state of Colorado. I’m married to my High School sweetheart, and I have two amazing boys who remind me to stay curious about life.

Tommy Acierno