Tommy Acierno
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Professional Question Asker | Facilitator of Consciousness |Co-Creator of New Coaches

Does this Sound Like You?

YOU have DEEP, unanswered questions on your heart! Questions like:

Who am I?

What is my purpose?

How do I do a backflip on a trampoline?

Would You Rather.…:

HAVE a TRUSTED partner masterfully ask you the RIGHT questions that help YOU find the answers (and so much more)? Someone who helps you create the SPACE, TIME, and ENERGY you need to answer the biggest questions on your heart? Not only find the answers but also set you up to successfully DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! To make the changes you want. Face your fears. And empower you to experience the EXTRAORDINARY LIFE you have every right to experience.

I Can Help

With my help, we co-create the space needed to uncover WHO you are, WHAT'S your purpose, and HOW you want to show up to live an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE. And for my ELITE clients, I teach you how to do a backflip on the trampoline...just kidding...or am I? ;-)

The secret is a deep understanding of Energy Leadership™. Together, we understand the true intention behind your actions and then consciously decide what you want to change. We change those actions you don’t like (and keep the ones you do) by shifting your core thoughts. .

And not only do I use Energy Leadership™ for positive change in my clients, but I teach this powerful tool to other coaches as a trainer for the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).


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Tommy...quickly provided a digestible perspective on tough problems, as well as issues that could be solved when he pushed me to move past my own stubborn roadblocks. He challenged me deeply, but always with a safe kindness that encouraged me to keep working. He made me realize that I am a more powerful person than I gave myself credit for, and am in control of the way I react to experiences of varying difficulties...If you are considering working with him, don't hesitate: you'll never, ever regret it.

~Michelle W.

The techniques he taught me for handling stress and maintaining balance were not limited to the workplace, and in just three short months of meeting with Tommy, I saw improvement in every aspect of life. In a corporate environment where every investment has to be justified, Tommy was able to prove the unquantifiable value of employee well-being through his skilled coaching. Tommy is one-of-a-kind...

~Joy T.

My perspective on work / life balance and ability to better manage it all has been forever altered thanks to these empowering sessions.

I couldn't recommend coaching sessions with Tommy any higher, on a score of 1-5, I give Tommy a 10 stars rating! Absolutely life changing!!

~Helen S.


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